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Patent granted in China for a “sweetener composition and food containing same” including new steviol glycosides such as Rebaudioside M. October 18, 2021


In September 2021, our company obtained a patent for a “sweetener composition and food containing same” in the People’s Republic of China.


This patent, which has already been granted in Japan, is for a sweetener composition that significantly improves the taste profile of Rebaudioside A by combining Rebaudioside A, Rebaudioside D, Rebaudioside M, Rebaudioside N, and Rebaudioside O, and for food production where this sweetener composition is added to food.


When it comes to stevia sweeteners, Rebaudioside A, which was developed by our company for the first time in the world, has become the mainstream product in the global market, although its use in foods has been limited due to the bitterness and aftertaste of Rebaudioside A.


We have obtained a patent for new stevia components including Rebaudioside M, which has been attracting attention worldwide, and have been conducting research on the application and development of these ingredients. We have found that the combination of new stevia components improves the bitterness and aftertaste of Rebaudioside A and have applied for international patents in Japan, Australia, Canada, the United States, Europe, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia.


This patent is expected to expand the use of stevia sweeteners with less bitterness and aftertaste, and to further enlarge the market for low-calorie foods.


List of Patents

Australia 2016230587                      (Registration date: October 8, 2020)

Japan     6858116                           (Registration date: March 25, 2021)

China    ZL 2016 8 0021323.6         (Registration date: September 24, 2021)